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WFA Loyalty Members Earn Bulk Rewards Over BFCM

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World Fitness Australia specialises in high quality gym equipment, suitable for both home studios and fit outs of commercial gyms. They’re locally-owned and operated and provide a massive range of products with an expert team to back them.


World Fitness’ customer base is filled with home fitness enthusiasts. They want the best quality gear to equip their home gym with, because they want to see results. World Fitness’ customers are serious about fitness, so we wanted to design a loyalty program that gave out the same high-level energy as their customers put in.  Step into the ring, WFA Rewards. 

WFA Rewards is a four level loyalty program based around the concept of boxing. The program’s levels are named after the most popular weight divisions — with Heavyweight being the top loyalty tier. 

Level 1: Flyweight
Level 2: Featherweight
Level 3: Midweight
Level 4: Heavyweight

Once customers have built up enough points through making purchases, interacting with World Fitness’ social media, and leaving reviews, they will earn their title as Heavyweight champion. The design and tone of voice of the program plays on boxing terminology and encourages customers to continue earning rewards until they can claim their title. 

With Black Friday 2021 set to be the biggest eCommerce sales event of the year, we saw an opportunity to leverage WFA Rewards to get results for World Fitness. 


Instead of offering a storewide discount (like the majority of other brands do for BFCM), we decided to offer double loyalty points for all purchases made over the BFCM weekend. 

Firstly, we needed to get the word out to customers that double points would be offered. To do this, we implemented a pop up on the website encouraging customers to join WFA Rewards. Unlike a data capture form, a website messaging form (better known as a pop up) doesn’t ask the customer to enter their details. Instead, it includes a CTA that directs them to a particular page, provides information, or encourages them to complete a certain action. 

Next, we sent out a Black Friday hype campaign to all email subscribers. This email campaign highlighted the fact that WFA rewards members would earn double points, as well as encouraging non-members to sign up. This campaign also highlighted a key benefit of the loyalty program — the dollar value rewards. 

When Black Friday rolled around, we sent engaged subscribers a launch campaign, announcing that BFCM had begun. The primary focus of this email campaign was the double points, with the secondary messaging letting customers know about the small sale collection. This email also included a section to let non-loyalty members know that it wasn’t too late to join WFA Rewards and earn double points while they shopped during BFCM. 

Lastly, with a few hours remaining of BFCM, we sent out a final email campaign to remind customers it was their last chance to shop and get rewarded. Again, this campaign reminded customers of the points on offer, plus prompted non-members to join WFA Rewards to kick-start their earnings. 


As anticipated, World Fitness’ customers were keen to reap the rewards over BFCM. Here are some of the great results we achieved by leveraging their loyalty program:

  • 50% increase in sign ups to WFA rewards via the onsite popup (from previous month)
  • 146,921 points earned on Black Friday
  • 177,385 points earned on Cyber Monday
  • Total 390,469 points earned over BFCM weekend
  • 0.12% placed order rate on Black Friday (benchmark is 0.09%)
  • Revenue Per Recipient was $1.67 on Black Friday (benchmark is $0.68)
World Fitness Australia

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Leverage WFA Rewards over BFCM to encourage repeat purchases

Offer double rewards points on all purchases over BFCM

390,469 points earned over BFCM weekend


Why our clients love working with us

Fred Seoud
General Manager
World Fitness Australia

“This is the greatest and best E-Commerce Agency in the world… Tribute.

Long time ago, me and my company World Fitness Australia were hitchhiking down a long and lonesome road. Then all of a sudden there stood a shiny Elise in the middle of the road. And she said, ‘We can make you the best email marketing campaigns and automations in the world.’ Needless to say, I was stunned. And with that our competition was done.

But one and one makes two and two and one makes three, it was destiny, and once every hundred thousand years or so an agency comes along and the grass doth grow. But this is not the greatest agency in the world, no this is just a tribute.

But seriously…five stars doesn’t convey the effect these guys and Elise especially has had on our business.

This was not the greatest review in the world.
This was just a tribute.”

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