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Case Study: The Vet Shed


The Vet Shed is an online retailer of pet supplies, accessories and health products for all sorts of domestic animals. With 13 years in business and nearly a million orders processed, The Vet Shed is one of the leading online pet product suppliers in Australia.


The Vet Shed came to us with a large database but dwindling open rates and a limited understanding of how email marketing impacted the store’s sales. Email campaigns were being sent quite regularly but without any segmentation or personalisation.

Andzen was engaged to help capitalise on The Vet Shed’s high volume of web traffic and large database, while addressing the issue of falling open rates and click-throughs.



Given the huge number of product SKUs and the volume of daily transactions taking place on the site, our first port of call for The Vet Shed’s email strategy was product replenishment automation. The consumable nature of the store’s top selling products like flea & tick control also told us that a strategy built around automated replenishment reminders would be hugely successful.

We built a product lifecycle program that automatically pulled transactional data from The Vet Shed’s eCommerce store into their email marketing platform, and used this data to trigger personalised reminders to the customer when they were likely to be running low on a product. For example, a customer who bought a six-month tick control product would receive an email five months later reminding them to top up their supply.


We also identified an opportunity to grow The Vet Shed’s database and introduce a new wave of subscribers to their product offering. We came up with the concept of a pet birthday campaign, which we promoted via targeted Facebook ads with dog and cat lovers as our key audience segments.

Subscribers were required to provide their details along with their pet’s name, animal type and date of birth, in exchange for a 10% off voucher prior to their pet’s birthday. The campaign tapped into animal owners’ love for their pets while also giving subscribers a cost saving incentive.



The automated product replenishment program is now one of the store’s highest performing marketing streams. The personalised nature of the replenishment reminders in terms of both timing and content has resulted in open and click-through rates that are well above average.

By alerting customers before they run out of a given product rather than after, we’re increasing purchase frequency and therefore maximising the lifetime value of each customer. By offering a small discount incentive as part of the reminder, we’re also reducing the likelihood of the customer shopping around with competitors.


The combination of highly targeted Facebook audiences and a high-converting landing page made this campaign a huge success. The campaign landing page currently has a 42% conversion rate, with almost half of all sign-ups coming from new subscribers. So far the campaign has generated more than 500 new subscribers.

Another success of the campaign was its collection of new information on existing customers, including what types of pets they own and when their pets’ birthdays are – both valuable pieces of information for future marketing activities.


Within four months of working with The Vet Shed we had seen a 20% increase in monthly revenue. Email as a referral source now accounts for 13% of the store’s total revenue.

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