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Okendo Series Part 1: How World Fitness Gets Heavyweight Reviews


World Fitness Australia is a proudly locally owned and operated company providing a diverse range of fitness and sports equipment that is suited to both the home and commercial market.


User generated content (UGC) plays an important role in how brands are able to connect and build trust with their customer base. In particular, product reviews have become essential when it comes to creating a reputable brand. For browsers who are yet to convert, reading customer reviews may be what pushes them over the line to make their first purchase. For World Fitness, reviews play a new and important role in their customer journey. 

The Okendo x Klaviyo integration means that we are able to target World Fitness’ customers with highly personalised content at the right time. The Klaviyo x integration takes this a step further, allowing us to tailor messaging and incentives based on whether someone is part of the loyalty program (WFA Rewards).


Firstly, we set up the integration between Okendo and Klaviyo, then created a flow in Klaviyo with the trigger set to when someone becomes ‘Eligible for Okendo Review Request’. This trigger means that we are able to target World Fitness’ customers during a window of opportunity from when they’ve received their new product, and have had time to try it out. We also included a filter to ensure that if customers submit a review, they’ll exit the flow. This is important to include as we don’t want to spam customers with emails that are irrelevant to them. 

Next, we created two pathways in the flow using a Conditional Split that feeds off of the Klaviyo x integration. This split separates loyalty members from non-loyalty program members, allowing us to tailor the messaging and incentives to each of World Fitness’ audiences. 

For members of WFA Rewards, they’re shown how many points they’ll receive for each type of review they submit. For non-loyalty program members, they are presented with dollar value based incentives to leave a review.

Loyalty Vs Non-Loyalty Members

By showing the types of reviews with the corresponding points/dollar value, this encourages customers to ‘upgrade’ their review in order to earn a bigger reward. To create a further incentive for loyalty program members to leave a review, we added in the customer’s current points balance, and a reminder of how many points they need in order to redeem a reward. 

The next section of the email contains the Okendo review block, which we added in by following the instructions here. When users select a star rating, they’re taken to a page where they can add more detail, and attach images or videos to their review. 



Customer reviews play an important role in building brand credibility and attracting new customers. The Okendo x Klaviyo integration allowed us to build a flow that targets World Fitness’ customers at the right time to request a product review. Keeping the customer journey in mind, we saw an opportunity to segment customers based on their loyalty status. This meant that we were able to offer appropriate incentives – points on their loyalty account or a dollar-based discount. By collecting reviews in one place, it allows World Fitness to read through customer feedback, learn more about their audience, and identify potential areas for improvement. 

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World Fitness Australia

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Okendo, Klaviyo,

Use the Okendo and integrations on Klaviyo to request reviews from customers on their recent purchase/s with appropriate incentives.

Implement a review request flow in Klaviyo split into two pathways – one for members of the loyalty program and the other for non-members – with appropriate incentives for each.

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