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Klaviyo SMS Australia Gets Cheeky Results And Has Conversion Rates Soaring

Cheeky Chickadee


Cheeky Chickadee is known for its colourful and unique kids’ clothing, and matching pieces for mum and dad. Owner and Sydney mum of five, Connie, hand paints each print herself with the goal of making kids smile. Cheeky’s clothes, swimwear, and accessories are designed to let kids be kids, bring the whole family in on the fun, and make special childhood memories together. 


Cheeky Chickadee’s dedicated customer base are always eager to get their hands on Connie’s latest creations. If there’s one thing that Cheeky does well, it’s creating adorable matching pieces for kids of all ages, plus something for mum and dad. So it’s no surprise that we see great engagement rates on campaigns (both email and SMS). 

With SMS marketing becoming increasingly popular, late last year we decided to implement an SMS strategy for Cheeky Chickadee to take their marketing to the next level. We saw some good results using Postscript, however with Klaviyo SMS launching in Australia, we saw an opportunity to seek better results and an increased ROI for our client. 

Cheeky’s audience are always eager to shop new collections — particularly members of the Cheeky Flock (the loyalty program). So to encourage customers to sign up for SMS, we decided to offer early access to the Summer launch. By using this tactic we were able to provide customers with added value, without needing to offer a discount.


Being an Australian brand, Cheeky’s Aussie customers can’t wait to get their hands on the summer collection each year as warmer weather rolls around. With the first instalment of Cheeky’s Summer Collection launch lining up with our early access to the rollout of Klaviyo SMS in Australia, we decided it was an opportune time to swap SMS marketing platforms.  

To test engagement rates of loyalty members vs non-members, we decided to give Cheeky Flock members staggered early access via email and SMS. Non-members were then alerted via the same channels when the collection officially went live on the website. 

To create hype surrounding the new collection, Cheeky Chickadee locked their website the day of the launch. This meant that Cheeky’s customers were eager to receive their SMS which included the secret password to enter the website. 

Our SMS campaign set-up for the launch of the Summer Collection looked like this:

  • SMS 1, 5pm send: Cheeky Family Members (Level 3)
  • SMS 2, 6pm send: Cheeky Villager Members (Level 2)
  • SMS 3, 7pm send: Cheeky Chickadee Members (Level 1)
  • SMS 4, 8pm send: Non-Cheeky Flock Members

Before setting up these SMS campaigns in Klaviyo, we first needed to export the customer profiles from the previous SMS platform. Then, we uploaded these profiles into Klaviyo so that the customer’s mobile numbers would be added to their profiles, along with the correct consent information.

Sending SMS to customers is a privilege, so in order to communicate via this channel, customers must give their consent. For Cheeky Chickadee, new customers have the option to opt-in to SMS when they sign up for the newsletter via the data capture form. To give existing customers the chance to opt-in, we include instructions in email campaigns leading up to collection launches. This involves asking customers to text the keyword ‘CHEEKYSMS’ to Cheeky’s dedicated mobile number. 

For previous collection launches, we’ve seen great engagement rates, particularly amongst Cheeky Flock members. You can check out another Cheeky Chickadee case study here. For Cheeky’s Summer Collection launch, we expected to see good engagement rates on SMS using Klaviyo, and to say we were pleasantly surprised with the results is an understatement. 


As with the previous collection launch (Cheeky’s Winter Drop), Cheeky Flock members were eager to receive their SMS to access new products. 

Click Rate
Each segment of loyalty members, plus non-loyalty members, exceeded Klaviyo benchmarks for great click rate, with the benchmark for ‘great’ being 14.6%. The standout segment was Cheeky Villager members, with a whopping 45.7% click rate (that’s 213% above the benchmark). Cheeky Family members weren’t far behind with a great click rate of 44.6% (205% above the benchmark). Cheeky Chickadee tier members also showed impressive click rates of 31.3% (114.38% above the benchmark). 

Conversion Rate
The conversion rate for each loyalty segment was also above the benchmark of great (of 2.1%). Notably, Cheeky Villagers’ conversion rate was a standout 852.38% above the benchmark at 20%. The Cheeky Family’s conversion rate was also up there at 812.38% above the benchmark (at 19.16%). Pretty impressive stuff if you ask us! Cheeky Chickadee tier members also achieved a ‘great’ conversion rate of 3.34% (61.9% above the benchmark). 

Revenue Per Recipient
Finally, the revenue per recipient results for loyalty members also exceeded the benchmark for ‘great’ of $2.42. The top performing segment again was Cheeky Villager members, with an RPR of $38.41 (1,487% above the benchmark). Closely behind again were Cheeky Family members, with an RPR of $30.60 (1,164% above the benchmark). Cheeky Chickadee tier members then achieved an RPR of $3.49 (44.2% above the benchmark). 

Looks like Cheeky Villager members are determined to reach the top Cheeky Family tier and unlock additional member benefits!  

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Cheeky Chickadee

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Strengthen Cheeky’s SMS marketing strategy to seek better results

Switch SMS marketing platforms to Klaviyo SMS as it launched in Australia

Cheeky Villager members achieved outstanding results:

  • Click rate: 213% above the benchmark
  • Conversion rate: 852.38% above the benchmark
  • RPR: 1,487% above the benchmark