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Have You Heard The Buzz? LPD’s Most Engaged Subscribers Are Using Klaviyo SMS!

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Little Party Dress is a fun and vibrant online boutique that specializes in clothing that makes you feel fabulous. LPD puts their signature twist on styles (hello, pockets!) to make the wearer feel comfortable and most of all, confident. The LPD community is a diverse one — celebrating everybody and every body.


Just like the outfits they wear, Little Party Dress’ community is full of bold, vibrant, colourful women. LPD ladies wear their outfits loud and proud — and they love to share these outfits on social media and through customer reviews. Building an audience is a process, and building an engaged audience takes hard work and dedication (and great content). This can be done through personalized email campaigns, automations that enhance the customer experience, and SMS marketing (to name a few). 

Adding SMS to your marketing strategy is a great way to reach and engage with your customers. While email marketing is essential for building a relationship with your customers, SMS can increase your customer journey conversions. There are many benefits to SMS marketing, including the fact that it is direct and immediate. Think about it — most of us keep our phones within reach all day (and all night) long. It’s almost a subconscious instinct to reach for our phones countless times throughout the day (even if we haven’t received a text, social notification, or email). So when we do receive a text message, we’re likely to read it as soon as possible. With that being said, a huge 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes. This means your offers are not only highly likely to be seen by customers, but they’ll likely be acted on. 

It makes sense to communicate with customers via a platform that they rely on day-to-day. Customers must opt-in to receive SMS in compliance with the Spam Act — and it actually works in your favour. It makes your SMS send list even more valuable, as customers purposely subscribe to receive your texts and will keep an eye out for them. While your SMS list is likely to have less subscribers than your email list, these subscribers will be your most engaged audience. More engaged customers are likely to become repeat customers, which contributes to a higher long-term ROI. Nurturing these engaged customers through SMS is a great way to strengthen the relationship and motivate them to come back and make a purchase time after time.

With Klaviyo SMS launching in Australia, we saw the opportunity to swap LPD’s SMS marketing platform to Klaviyo SMS and implement some changes. By choosing Klaviyo SMS, we were able to get the most out of the platform’s capabilities, and communicate seamlessly with LPD’s most engaged customers.


Little Party Dress’ audience are always keen to shop new collections and receive added benefits through Club LPD (their loyalty program). So we anticipated that LPD’s most engaged customers would also be eager to sign up for SMS and the perks that come with it. 

Data Capture

We approached the introduction of SMS into LPD’s customer journey strategy by starting with their Data Capture forms. We added an additional screen to the existing forms that included an option to opt-in to SMS. We then designed a brand new Data Capture form that was targeted at existing email subscribers who were also loyalty members (but not yet signed up for SMS). This ensured that all subscribers (and potential subscribers) were given the opportunity to opt-in.

Klaviyo SMS

Email Automations

Next, we added in blocks to a series of email automations that provided instructions on how to opt-in to SMS. These automations included LPD’s Nurture Series, three separate Post Purchase Series, and their Back-in-Stock Flow. These blocks weren’t added to all emails within these flows, instead a select email from each. This tactic was used to educate subscribers on LPD’s SMS feature, but not be too repetitive to prevent customers from glossing over the details. 

To provide more information to customers on how LPD’s SMS feature works and what to expect, we also designed a brand new education email to add into the Post Purchase series. As customers have just made a purchase (i.e. a positive experience) it’s a good opportunity to ask them to opt-in to SMS. 

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With Klaviyo SMS, we were able to not only communicate with Little Party Dress’ most engaged audience, but discover more about them. With Klaviyo email and SMS features hosted within the same platform, weaving SMS into email automations as well as creating highly focused audience segments is made possible. 

With the value that SMS brings to the table, we anticipated that SMS subscribers would be some of the most engaged subscribers. 

Here are our main findings:

  • 74% of SMS subscribers are members of Club LPD 
  • 70% of SMS subscribers are repeat customers 
  • 25% of SMS subscribers have left at least one review
  • 15% of people who sign up via a Data Capture form also opt-in to SMS

While it’s still early days for LPD’s SMS strategy, these are encouraging numbers to see, and we anticipate that they will grow further down the track. 

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Swap SMS platforms with Klaviyo SMS launching in Australia

Design data capture forms, automation and campaign emails to encourage SMS opt-ins


  • 74% of SMS subscribers are members of Club LPD
  • 70% of SMS subscribers are repeat customers
  • 25% of SMS subscribers have left at least one review


Why our clients love working with us

Kelly Purvis
Little Party Dress

“Working with Andzen has been an absolute dream! They have taken my email/SMS marketing and data capture to the NEXT level, something I could never have done on my own. And it’s a pleasure to work with my Account Manager Elise”

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