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CASE STUDY: Golf World


Golf World are a golfing gear store with physical locations around Australia, and a high-traffic ecommerce website. They stock an enormous range of gear, apparel and more, and are widely considered one of the main golfing goods brands in Australia.


The team at Golf World were interested in moving to a new email marketing platform – Klaviyo – with the goal of delivering more personalised email campaigns to their customers and subscribers. But a lack of data was holding them back. Unfortunately, no integration existed between Klaviyo and their ecommerce platform, Neto. This meant valuable customer data was unusable for their email marketing, and Golf World were unable to make use of many of Klaviyo’s extensive automation and personalisation features.

Golf World engaged Andzen to help find a way to bridge the gap between Neto and Klaviyo, so they could start making use of the data Neto was capturing, and take their email marketing to the next level.



In order to pull the data from Neto into Klaviyo in a usable format, we needed to develop our own custom integration between the two.

We created a world first, auto-syncing integration to send sales data directly to Klaviyo in real time. This included purchase histories, product pageviews and more – enabling us to start creating highly targeted automations and flows based on Golf World customers’ behaviour.

One example of which was our custom ‘Abandoned Cart’ process for Golf World. Any customer who added items to their wishlist, then exited the website without purchasing was automatically placed into a custom flow that nurtured them with incrementally better incentives until purchase.



Thanks to the custom integration we developed, Gold World now have almost unlimited potential to optimise their email marketing automations further, and send highly relevant information out of their customers at exactly the right stage in that client’s unique journey.

Since starting with these new data-driven marketing flows, Golf World’s conversion rates and lifetime customer value have risen significantly. By helping each and every Golf World client experience concierge-levels of service, Golf World now enjoy far more repeat and referral business.

Likewise, having a better understanding of what products their customers have bought, or are interested in, allows Golf World to take advantage of more cross-selling and up-selling opportunities they might have otherwise missed.

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