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Amirisu is a Japan-based knitting supplies brand. As well as running a successful style magazine, knitting classes, and two store locations in Tokyo and Kyoto, they branched out into ecommerce with a Shopify store. They knew their brand was bold enough to maintain a strong, worldwide ecommerce following, so they got in touch with us to help make it happen.

We knew the best path to success was to boost each customer’s lifetime value. After a new customer has purchased, your marketing dollars are far better spent keeping them engaged with your brand – and that’s what we set out to do.

After analysing Amirisu’s customer base and offerings, we identified a few ways that we could help them retain customers well after their first purchase. Like many merchants, Amirisu had adopted Mailchimp as their first email marketing platform. This had worked well for them in the past, but as their subscriber base was growing, we needed a little more power behind their email.

Mailchimp has a friendly user interface, and makes sending beautiful emails easy, but in order to truly make their email marketing efforts as relevant and timely as possible for customers, we needed something that could effectively integrate with their ecommerce platform, create powerful automations, and manage discounts and other incentives.

We decided to migrate their email marketing from Mailchimp to Klaviyo in order to make use of the better tracking and automation functionality. Klaviyo is a much more advanced platform, and their design team has put great efforts into ensuring the platform remains simple and easy to use. (They also have a fantastic integration with Shopify).

After we guided the Amirisu team through the process of migrating to Klaviyo, we were able to set up targeted first purchase follow up and lapsed customer automations. These engaging message flows were designed to grow loyalty and encourage customers to make repeat purchases, should they begin to slip or lose interest with the brand.

Along with our Klaviyo set up and automation builds, after studying the Amirisu visual brand, our design team created a simple, beautiful email template their team could use to quickly send branded newsletters, specials and other updates to their audience. This would help them keep regular contact with their customer base – encouraging customers to return to see the latest news, deals, and potentially shop again.

Most importantly, however (at least for the sake of this compte rendu), we designed and built a custom payment notification system that worked between Klaviyo and Shopify…

We caught up with Amirisu to discuss some of the pain points customers were experiencing along their journey with the brand. With an international market, Amirisu were accepting Electronic Funds Transfers, which posed an issue with the integration between Klaviyo and Shopify. There was no capability for their platforms to trigger a payment confirmation email for their customers after the funds had hit their bank account – leaving buyers unsure if their order had been confirmed or not. Our development team identified the possibility to build an automated payment notification in Klaviyo, and created a custom integration between the two platforms. Shopify would then tell Klaviyo when payments had arrived, and a tailor-made automation in Klaviyo would fire an on-brand email to keep customers in the know.

This custom payment confirmation has worked wonders for Amirisu’s customer experience. And after just a month, the two customer lifecycle automations we created are already generating significant revenue! Amirisu co-founder, creative director, and business developer, Meri, had this to say about her experience:

“We worked with Andzen to set up a series of marketing campaigns to increase upsell and repeated orders. Not only they delivered what were agreed upon, we are quite impressed that the team studied our business very closely and their suggestions had been spot on. We’d very much like to work with them again when the situation arises.”

It was great working with you too, Meri!

If you’re looking for something similar for your ecommerce business, get in touch! We’d love to take your online store to new heights too!

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