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Cheeky Chickadee is a family owned and operated clothing store that is best known for their matching items for kids, as well as parents. Each print is hand-painted by owner and mum of five, Connie, and is turned into pieces of clothing and swimwear designed to make kids smile.


Cheeky Chickadee is a small, family-owned business and as such, their loyal customers are like family. Their loyalty program is a way to reward customers for not only making purchases, but for interacting with the brand. 

Cheeky’s loyalty program, The Cheeky Flock, has three levels. To really drive home the fact that Cheeky Chickadee is a family-owned business, loyalty members work their way up the program to achieve their Cheeky Family status. This loyalty level unlocks exclusive VIP perks including being part of the Cheeky design panel. This means Cheeky Family members get to have input when it comes to new styles and prints. 

Level 1: Cheeky Chickadee

Level 2: Cheeky Villager

Level 3: Cheeky Family

The loyalty points are called “Cheeky Flock Points” to reiterate that the customer is part of the inner circle. After all, birds of a feather flock together. 

With matching clothing and swimwear for kids as well as parents, customers love showing off their latest Cheeky purchases. User Generated Content (UGC) such as reviews and photos are a great way to build brand credibility. This is one of the most popular elements of the Cheeky Flock, with customers earning 250 points for a photo review.


BFCM early accessWith Cheeky Chickadee’s most popular designs and prints in limited supply, we decided to create a tiered early access for BFCM, that would grant first dibs to their Cheeky Family members.

We decided to space out the early access times by one hour, which would encourage their members to pounce on the deals before the tier below them gets access.

Here are the timings we used for opening access:

5pm – Cheeky Family

6pm – Cheeky Villagers

7pm – Cheeky Chickadees

8pm – Cheeky Email Subscribers

We predicted that this would create a genuine sense of urgency and reward Cheeky’s most loyal customers for their ongoing support.

Lastly, we decided to send out a teaser campaign the week before Black Friday to build hype and increase engagement. We prompted people to start building their Cheeky Chickadee wish list. We also prompted subscribers to sign up for their loyalty program, if they weren’t already.


As we anticipated, Cheeky’s most loyal customers pounced on the BFCM sales as soon as access was granted! With an impressive 41.65% click rate and 17.20% placed order rate — the Cheeky Family kicked off the BFCM weekend with a bang. Following on from that, the Cheeky Villager access saw a 32.38% click rate and 10.84% placed order rate. 

These results confirm the importance of rewarding and nurturing your current customers — instead of constantly trying to acquire new customers at the top of your funnel.

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Encourage fast action for Cheeky’s BFCM sale and reward their most loyal customers to increase customer lifetime value

Tiered early access to BFCM sale, as well as a teaser campaign to build anticipation and increase loyalty program engagement


  • 17.20% placed order rate for top loyalty tier
  • 41.65% click rate for top loyalty tier